Friday, August 10, 2007

Parts and pieces, pieces and parts

I got to thinking last night - as I rounded out the rest of the turtle shell and then packed my bag for tonights scrapbooking work-session - that there are not all that many differences between a lot of the crafts I do. When I sew or quilt I take large pieces of fabric, cut them into pieces, and re-assemble them into a pleasing design. My scrapbook is made of large pieces of paper or photos, cut into pieces, and - well - you kind of get the idea. And sometimes you use paper in quilts, and fabric in scrapbooks - it is all such a small small world.

No wonder my "studio" is cluttered and I am reluctant to throw things out - you never know they may find a new life and new purpose in another craft. (ok -so I am stretching it to justify my mess...)

My brother-in-law (The Matriarchal Sister's husband) always ribs her about cutting apart perfectly good fabric only to put it back together again - but yet I never see him reluctant to snuggle up under one of her wonderful quilts!

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