Saturday, August 11, 2007


Almost done with the Turtle quilt - just adding the borders and - oops - I don't have enough strips cut. I forgot to calculate in that the top and bottom strips need to be longer to go over the body of the quilt PLUS the side borders. And there is NOTHING left in the scrap bag.

Two choices - go to my local fabric store and hope they still have this fabric OR find one of the complimentary fabrics out of the shell and make contrasting corners. Either way it necessitates a trip to the store. That's rough (NOT!) - the tough part is coming out with ONLY what I need.


Jahooni said...

Had to check out the 2nd place winner from Bent Objects... I am so jealous!

Aren't you just so excited. He does amazing work, doesn't he?

Anyhoo, congrats to you!

Anonymous said...

LOL That sounds awfully familiar.... I've got a studio full of fabric that just had to come home with me :-)