Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Other People's Art

I am constantly blown away by what other people can create. I know my shortcomings and weak spots in terms of my crafts - one of them is being an "instant gratification" kind of gal and so not being willing to commit to the time it takes to hand quilt a large project, or learn a time consuming skill. When it comes to quilting, I enjoy the geometry in the piecing, but tend to find quick and easy ways to get to the finishing - and that sometimes translates to my other projects as well (that is why I love the Lazy Girl patterns so much!!)

Knitting has also always stymied me - because I knit and knit and don't seem to get very far. Crochet seems quicker, but despite my frequent resolutions, and a full set of hooks in my studio, I have yet to pick it up.

And then there are the people that come up with something so totally new - that they are the only ones doing it (or at least the only ones that I know of).

Check out Bent Objects and you will be totally amazed at what Terry puts together.

Oh yeah - and the little cork horse? I won that in a contest on his blog and it is now on its way, galloping towards a special spot on my desk.

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Tica Macha said...

Congrats to you! I check his blog all the time. Really creative.
Now, I check yours.