Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cranberry Dreams

Quilt 6 of 6 - Christmas 2013
(NOTE:  I wrote these posts in no particular order - but now that I know which quilts have been delivered I am changing the posting order... so the numbering will be non-sequential)

This quilt was done with the Lazy Angle Ruler and a Jaybird Quilts pattern (one of 2 I did using this pattern - it WILL get used again).

I did not have as many fabrics to work with on this - so chose to add borders to make it a nice comfy size.

And again - I forgot to get some "after" pictures on this one.  (as of composing time -this one was still in the wrapping paper -texting a request for photos)

Photo of quilt awaiting quilting.
Photo after gifting - draped over the back of Dad's couch so not super clear.
And the best photo of all - 'cause it's really not the quilt that's the true focus!!! (she was on the phone with me when this photo was taken -so I got to hear her unwrap it)


Jennifer said...

Great quilt! Does that number mean you made 6 quilts for Christmas?!?!

Darling Jill Quilts said...