Friday, December 27, 2013

The Big B

Quilt 3 of 6 - Christmas 2013
(NOTE -these are being posted non-sequentially. I numbered them when I wrote the posts on Christmas day - when none had been opened yet. Now that some are opened -I am changing the posting schedule)

This was a self designed quilt for my nephew -using some fabrics he had commented on from another project, and some colors he likes added in to round it out.

The big challenge on this one was the quilting - I finally decided on a big letter "B" for his initials, and played with my free motion quilting on this one.  The rest was done in a big spiral out from the "B"

I did have one hiccup with a frayed seam -but luckily discovered it prior to gifting so I was able to get it repaired.
The finished quilt after washing.
The Big B - frixion pen markings still visible.

The Big B - after ironing the frixion markings away, but before washing.
The Big B - after washing and crinkling.
The real label was in focus - it is just my photography that was blurry.
The backing - I got the text fabric from Ikea.
A bit of the B (backwards) and some of the spiral.
My "uh oh" moment (though I was a little more colorful in my dismay).  I soon had this stitched back into submission.


Jean(ie) said...

Love that pieced backing! Fun ikea fabric. I always forget about them as a resource

Jennifer said...

Great colors for a boy quilt, and I too love the backing!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great quilt for a boy!