Friday, November 02, 2012

Just not feeling it...

So the Munchkin and hubby are playing Wii -a normal Friday night occupation around here since we don't turn it on on school nights- and I headed upstairs to get busy in the studio - clearing the table for a new project (still waiting on some materials and can't start cutting until they arrive) and resisting the temptation to make something else "accidentally."

Some nights I do well when I get into the "sort and clean" mode - I've even been known to spend a few hours with the rotary cutter - sub-cutting scraps into my preferred sizes.

Tonight was not one of those nights.  I have a few UFO's - but the two I really want to work on require some fussy pinning or a design board/floor.  Not up for that tonight.

Yeah -I am whining -sorry.
I think I will go in and watch their game and see if I can get into my knitting.
And maybe after the Munchkin goes to bed I will try again...
And maybe not.

Ever have one of those evenings?


Darling Jill Quilts said...

You mean you don't have another quilt ready that you can just throw together in the next hour? lol ;)

I've been feeling like this all week. Well, since I got back from retreat. sigh

Jennifer said...


Susan C said...

When I finally got into the sewing room tonight, I spent too long searching for the pieces of the project I started at retreat two weeks ago. I knew I had cut them, I knew I had brought them home, I knew they had to be there somewhere. Finally found them right where I had left them and was too tired to think about how to put them together.

Oh well, instead I finally got your package ready to mail out in the morning.

LYL MYM (and I still have to prove I'm not a robot!!!???)