Sunday, November 18, 2012


My brother recently became an uncle again when my sister-in-law's sister had a baby boy.  As "almost Aunts" to baby Luke, you know that Lazy Sister Sue and I could NOT sit idly by and not have a quilt for this new little guy.

Sue pieced the top in SC at a recent retreat she attended, then shipped it up to me for backing and finishing.  We consulted each other a bit on the choice of pattern, but she had some fabrics for the top at her end and ran with them.

I had something in my stash I was hoping to use for the backing - but didn't know until the top arrived in the mail that it would work WONDERFULLY to compliment her fabrics.  I just had to insert a strip to allow me to use the width of the fabric for the backing - adds a great punch of color and interest to the back and uses so much less of the focus fabric than piecing a backing out of a single fabric.   I use this style a lot for my lap and throw sized quilts.

I was able to use a bit of variegated rainbow thread for the 'not so' straight-line quilting - I had a spool left over from a project I had done last fall.

I used a bit of fusible and fussy cutting for the label - using the scraps cut from the excess backing along the sides of the quilt.
Sue had enough of the rainbow stripe left over for me to use it for the binding as well.
This one will be packaged up and sent along soon - along with some other goodies.

We just love quilting for family!


Darling Jill Quilts said...

Way to go sisters!! ;)

Jennifer said...

That is an awesome baby boy quilt and I love, love, love the label! How fun to have a quilt from both of you.

Susan C said...

Great pictures! I love the backing and the rainbow stripe worked great for the binding. We're a good team! <3


Jean(ie) said...

Cute quilt... And I Loooooooove that label! So clever!

Anjeanette said...

I love your family!! This is so sweet. I think quilts should almost always be bound with stripes. It gives such a nice deatil. How great that your fabric for the back was so perfect!!