Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some of it was on the list...

Shop hopping is a dangerous adventure - even if you start with a list (which I did), you run the risk of wiping out most of the things on your list at the first store (which I did) and then you get into impulse buying - cause of course you can't go into a quilt shop and then not buy anything at all - that just wouldn't be right.

I started the day, much like last year, with a quick stop off for gas, a run through the PO to mail something to my folks and favorite pizza guy, and to the local grocery store for some travel munchies.

Again I arrived at the first shop before it was supposed to be opened. Luckily for me - they were teaching a class so the staff was already there and the doors were already open and they all said "come on in" (ironically they were teaching a "stack-n-whack" class!!!)

I was on a 3 part quest during this shop hop - fabric for my Halloween quilt, fabric for a baby quilt (looking for a very specific fabric line with turtles in it) and turtle body fabric for another quilt (last year I picked up turtle shell fabrics on my hop - so this year I wanted to take care of the bodies.

I found 2 of the 3 at this first shop. The orange, black, purple and lime green are for the Halloween quilt - you can see them pictured with one of the smaller blocks laid on top. I have a fun plan for the backing - I will unveil that once it is all together - and hope to use the black polka dot for the binding as well, if there is enough left (that was the end of the bolt, so I need to cut carefully).

The only fabric they had of the line I wanted for the baby quilt is the lotus flower. The brown "reptile skin" is for my turtle bodies (I am keeping those the same and changing out the shells), and the other two are just for my stash.

The best part? Besides the STELLAR customer service and friendly atmosphere - was the "Christmas in July" coupon that got me 25% off everything.

By 10:35 I was back on the road again. It was a bit drizzly, but not bad. I soon learned that the interstate was under construction, so I took the secondary road instead - I had not been down that route since childhood, and it was kind of fun to slow down and see the scenery as I drove through river valley farmland.

I arrived at my second stop around 11:15. They were doing a Christmas in July demo day, so the parking lot was full. The EMT vehicle in the parking lot made me a bit nervous, but one of the attendees had gotten woozy and they were getting her checked out.

I was less successful here on the list -they did not carry the baby quilt fabric line at all, and since my other list items were already checked off, I started into dangerous territory - stash browsing. I picked up a tiger print FQ since the school I work at is the Tigers (as is one of my alma maters).

This store had a different way of selling their remnants that are too small for FQ's. I have seen other stores sell them priced per inch (though if you do the math sometimes they are still close to $9/yard) - but this store sold them by the pound - $4.50/lb, with a 1 lb. minimum. And most of these were just shy of 1/4 yard x WOF - only a few were narrower or not full WOF cuts.

There was a digital scale right next to the basket of remnants, so just out of curiosity I picked out a few and put them on the scale - 1/4 lb. So I added a few more - and a few more - and a few more - until I was at 1.03 lbs. My plan was to use these for some different baskets for my craft show - and there were even some good big pieces to use for linings (some of these have already been cut and prepped for this purpose). These are all the pretties!!!

It was probably about 12:15 when I left there and headed to shop #3 - Sew Pieceful Quilt and Gift Shop. I drove through a bit more construction - on the highway this time - and had my lunch. Once again I was foiled in my quest for the baby quilt fabric - so browsed their large selection of novelties, looking for fabrics that were calling my name.

These were not necessarily calling "my" name, but can be used for some projects for other people The light floral FQ 2nd from the bottom will be used in my blocks for the Cancer Survivor Celebration. It was the closest I could come to pearl -and will get paired with some pink.

The ladies in this shop are a hoot. They had just ordered their lunch - looked like chicken fingers and fries - and were eating as I browsed. I joked that since I seem to be making this an annual thing, and seem to get to their shop right around lunch time (did last year, too) that I should call in my lunch order ahead and eat with them. The owner's response - "sure!" I love quilters!!!

My 4th stop was a new one - or was supposed to be. I was going to drive 10 miles past my ultimate destination and go to The Village Sampler. I had my map and directions all printed out and it looked pretty easy -until I got off the exit and the map route showed one way, but the instructions and the signs showed another. I could not find street names on the sign posts and got all twisted around. I finally saw the route number of the road I needed to be on to get to my final destination, turned around to head west instead of east, and called my mobile GPS (Hubby at his computer) to be sure I could get there from here - so never did find the shop. Turns out that I was right next to it at one point but so focused on the roads and finding my way that I did not even see it. Oh well -maybe next year.

So instead I headed into Corning. My meeting started at 3:00, and I parked the car at 2. I quickly walked over to my "stop #5" -now #4.

Here I picked out some great novelties for the Munchkin (and Hubby), a fun one for me - and a great swirl to use as a background for some of my turtle applique blocks.

This shop was about 4 blocks away from my meeting place - it's one of those "Market Streets" in a touristy city with lots of boutiques, cafes, ice cream shops, antique shops, and more. All old buildings and storefronts with lots of character. I crossed over the street and headed back on the other side, remembering there was a cool antique shop on one of the corners on my way back (sorry Terri, I did not have time to walk further in the other direction to hit that bead shop we read about).

So as I am window shopping on my way back (bypassing the homemade fudge -that took willpower) - and come across none other than a stamping store!!! One that was not there last year (I guess they used to be above the aforementioned bead shop but moved shortly after I was through town last year).

I have not been in the market for much in the way of stamping supplies of late - The Mercantile keeps me pretty well stocked, and I have been slacking in the stamping activity department anyway so really could not justify purchasing much there.

I did pick up a few stickers for two of my favorite kids (the Munchkin and his cousin DragonBen), some big funky buttons good for a few projects I have in the works, and a couple of other little doodads that will find their way into a little gifty I have in mind.

So I made it back 5 minutes before the meeting started, and about 15 minutes before the sky opened up! It was clear and muggy by the time I left to head home, and after a quick stop for dinner along the way I got home around 9:45. I would have stopped at the local JoAnn's - especially since I noticed on their sign that they are moving and having a moving sale - but I forgot which exit and by the time I figured it out I would have had to go 4 more miles down the highway to turn around and go back. I was getting tired, so I decided I had done enough for the day.

But now I know that exit number -for next year.


Darling Jill Quilts said...

Very cool!! You did really well! I love the fabric with the dinosaur skeletons on it!! I bet that Becca would LOVE to see the place where you pay per pound on remnants! :)

The fabric for your OBW looks awesome!!! The back is going to be soooo neat!! :)

piecesofpatti said...

Sounds like a very productive day!

Anonymous said...

I have that same swirl fabric to use in one of my projects!! Great minds think alike...

Sorry you didn't get any of the turtle fabrics you were looking for but you did find some great fabrics. Can't wait to see what you end up making with them.


Anjeanette said...

Love seeing what you came up with! Someday I'll do my own shop hops;) Until then I'll pretend I was with you on yours;)

Gina said...

Love the fabrics that you bought. What a great buy, the remnants by the lb. I wish there was a shop near me that did that. They would be great for scrap quilts.

love and hugs Gina xxx