Thursday, March 26, 2009


PickAPockets are a great little scrap project - a way to showcase a tiny bit of fun fabric or artwork, and with their little hidden pocket on the back, and ribbon hanger -they are gift card holder, ornament, gift and tag, all in one. (They also work great for holding business cards)

So pick your favorite fabric and make a PickAPocket - great for any occasion.

Making a PickAPocket:

One 4.5 x 3.5" rectangle of focal fabric (can also be patchwork, paper piecing, cross stitch or other materials cut to this size)
NOTE: if you wish to have a "puffier" look you can back this piece with some batting or flannel and add some quilting stitches.

One 7" x 3.5" rectangle of fabric (outside of back pocket)

One 4" x 3.5" fabric (inside back)

7" of ribbonStep 1:
Fold the 7" piece of fabric in half so that it measures 3.5" x 3.5" and press. You can topstitch the folded edge if you wish, but as this pocket will not see a lot of wear, it is not necessary.

Step 2:
Finger press the top of the focal piece of fabric, finding the center. Fold the ribbon in half and pin it in the center.Step 3:
Layer the folded pocket over the front fabric, right sides together, with the folded edge up and raw edges at the bottom.

Step 4:
Lay the back fabric over the layered focal/pocket stack, right sides together. You will align this with the top edge of the stack where the ribbon is attached.
NOTE: It will NOT align at the bottom - this is intentional and that raw edge will allow for turning later and will be hidden inside the pocket.

Step 5:
Pin the layers together to prevent shifting, and stitch the entire way around with a 1/4" seam allowance. (If you have used batting or bulkier materials, you may wish to use an even feed/walking foot for this step)

Step 6:
Clip the corners at an angle. (NOTE that the raw edge of the back piece did NOT get stitched into the seam allowance. This is correct - you did not want this part stitched closed.)

Step 7:
Turn the backing to the outside, pulling the ribbon up and using a chopstick or tool of choice to push out the corners. I like to press at this stage to get a crisper overall finish, but you can wait and press it all at the end.

Step 8:
Turn the pocket to the back, exposing the entire piece of focal fabric in the front and creating a pocket and backing on the back. Again, push out the corners with your "pointy stick". Press.

You are done! Insert your gift card, a note, chocolates, a pair of earrings - whatever you like, and give this little giftie away!

Other options:
If you are concerned about a little giftie falling out, you can add Velcro Fusion to the top edge of the pocket.

Beading, embroidery, quilting and other embellishments add dimension to the front piece - that is your little pallette -have fun with it!!!

I leave you with another option..... tyvek! Details on this little rubber stamped and stitched cutie to follow another day...


Anonymous said...

Those are cute!!! I may have to make 8 of those for our Edisto retreat next week!!! A great place to stick in an emergency chocolate bar for that late night stitching!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Regina,

These are smart, cute and fabulous. Great idea. Thanks for the tutorial.


Higgins Design Studio said...

Not that I sew at all, but they'd make a great pocket to hold small 'tools' like thread snips as well. Although I like the chocolate idea best!
Love you sis!

Babs said...

What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

Wait you have two retreats within 4 weeks????? Lucky duck!!

Cindy said...

What a great little project and I've had another idea for another use, a cell phone holder for in your purse. Atleast I'd be able to find mine easier then.

Linda said...

Thanks for this great tutorial! They are so cute and a terrific idea.