Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dirty Tales from the Garden

This time of year finds me out in the garden more than inside - when circumstances allow.

Tricks, tips, mishaps - I've got a few of each to tell so I think this will become a recurring category of posts.

Let me start with the peonies.

I had never grown peonies before we bought our house in 2001. I'm not even sure if my Mom did, and she had some pretty extensive gardens. When we discovered ONE peony plant growing right on the lot line edge of the property, perched precariously at the tip of the neighbor's driveway, I decided to read up on these plants and figure out how to transplant it somewhere closer and safer.

I carefully divided it - leaving enough behind in case my little transplants failed to thrive.

Well - they thrived -and then some!!! The tough thing with peonies is that they like to bloom during the blustery late days of spring/early days of summer, and often get blown away in the wind.

The picture above is of one of Monnie's Peonies - from one of the transplants. (Monnie was the previous owner of our house, so plants that were here are tagged as Monnie's) This was taken BY ME this year - I am getting better with my nature photography and really like how this photo turned out.

More peony drama in our next installment...


ZONE F DG TEAM said...

We transplanted some peonies a few years ago and no avail they would NOT flower.

My husband had said, this year or they go. Well, they must of heard and listened and they are beautiful.

Funny, they are unlike any of ever seen before with a different colour center from that of the outside.

From a distance, you'd almost think they were fake.

Three Birds Inspired said...

Gorgeous peony! My mother gave me some from her yard that came from my grandmother's yard that came from my great-grandmother's yard. Alas, I left mine behind when I moved to Seattle. I have never seen one quite like yours!

Gina said...

Waht a gorgeous picture. I love Peony's. At he moment we've got three but only one will bloom for me.

love and hugs xxx

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Awesome picture! Love it! I don't have enough room to plant big plants like this. I can't wait to get a house for this reason!

Connie said...

That peony is so gorgeous! My Mom has peonies--I think they are such a lovely sign of early summer.

On a turtle note, I saw a quilt that made me think of you! It is by City Stitcher and here's a link to a pic ( The name of the quilt is "Turtle Travels."