Sunday, February 01, 2015

Three in January

My coworkers didn't time their retirements too well for this quilter - I ended up with two only 7 days apart.

This one was made with a 'faux' jelly roll - it only had 4 different fabrics but I still think it worked to give this quilt some movement and interest.  I used my Lazy Angle ruler and this is my own layout (after an oops) - or my "Lazy Streak" (though for this gift I called it "See the World" - either name would work for a new retiree, don't you think?"

Unfortunately the weather was not so cooperative this day -so this is the only photo I was able to get.

(I know this is upside down - Blogger is giving me fits on inserting photos today)
I was able to set aside enough of the strips from the "roll" to use for the binding.

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Marj said...

Beautiful, I love it.