Sunday, January 04, 2015

Off to a good start

After a deep clean of my craft room and some "chaos recovery" from pre-holiday sewing and wrapping and craft shows, I started in on some new projects.  I had 11 days off, and a few were spent cooking, taking down Christmas, tending to a sick child, and running errands - but I still managed to complete one 60" square quilt start to finish - all but the final washing!  I also started and assembled one top - creating a new layout once I oopsed on following the pattern. (tutorial may follow - it was using a specialty ruler and I want to check with the ruler designer first so I don't step on any toes).  That one was speedy as I used a "jelly roll" so it minimized the cutting needed.  The best part - both were made with fabrics I had on hand!

Pictures of both to follow when I get some better lighting - it was pretty dreary today and the house seemed too dark for photos.  Maybe it was that all the Christmas lights were down.

It is a good start to the year (all but the sick child part).
Back to work tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great start - happy new year and hope everyone is feeling better now!