Monday, September 02, 2013

Proof of existence

I am here... Though I know it's been a while.  It was a busy busy August.  My garden was neglected, my sewing mostly "crunch time prep" for the quilt show, even my new found running habit took a hit and I only got out a few times this past month.

But I made it through - we had a great Churchville Lions Country Fair, a great visit with my dad (who arrived the day after the fair ended), and then a great 2 days of the Caledonia Quilt Guild show (the 2 days after Dad left) - then a little R-n-R with a visit to Boston, then the wind down to school starting again.

Some pics of what was going on:
Grandpa and Munchkin
Tin punching at the museum.
The entrepreneur at the Guild member's bazaar.
Challenge quilt for the quilt show - all based around the gold fabric in the sunflower.
My Strippy Trip Along... probably one of the "ugliest" quilts I think I have ever created.  A bit more is planned for this one and then I will be gifting it - but it is definitely NOT one of my favorites.
At Old Sturbridge Village
Some of our garden harvest.
Munchkin sporting his orange belt in karate, with his buddy "Todd" from The Monster Factory.
... my 'obsession' when all the rest of this was going on - working on this quilt bit by bit and figuring out how it will all go together.  Setting triangles for bottom and sides are still needed.
Looking forward to a bit quieter September - though with school starting in 2 days, Cub Scouts starting in 2 weeks, and karate throughout, I am not holding my breath.


Michelle said...

Those diamonds are pretty -- and intimidating! Were they hard?

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great summer! Isn't it funny how we all believe life will slow down "when" - let me know if you find the golden ticket!

Michele said...

I get a LOT of hand-sewing done during karate time.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Glad you are still existing. :) Love all the pictures! :)