Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flimsy Excuses

Lots going on around here - demolition and reconstruction of our front porch, gardening, tree removal, work, planning for our local Lions Country Fair, rearranging the attic to fit my new quilt frame... and in between a wee bit of sewing.  These are my four latest flimsies- three of which I finished up this weekend.  Finishing them will have to wait a bit - my walking foot has developed a limp and needs replacing, and the new frame is not set up yet...  that will have to wait until the porch is back together.  We are nearly down to the footers in the demolition process - and then the rebuilding can begin.

A scrappy "math test" - more on this one to follow in another post.

Christmas gift - the recipient doesn't check the blog so I think I am safe.  This was in strips, and this weekend I finished the sashing and added the outer borders.  It will be bound in the same fabric as the sashing.
This one was made from leftovers - and could have used a bit more pinning in places (it is not just an optical illusion - the horizontal is off.  This will be a good practice quilt on the new frame.
This was made up of leftover bits from another project - and will get some funky quilting to fill up all that white space.
I have a few more projects in the design stage (mostly in my head) and hope to dig into those once the fair is over.  Munchkin goes back to school in a few weeks (!) and bedtime bumps earlier again - which expands my evening sewing hours a wee bit.



Darling Jill Quilts said...

I finally have some flimsies of my own to show off! Woot! Love your quilts!

Anjeanette said...

Boy, you have been busy! I love how different all four are. Can't wait to see what you do with your white space on your new frame!!

Oooh, I'm also interested in how your porch goes. You guys just don't stop, do you? One project after another!