Friday, January 27, 2012

Unwrapping the UFO - AT LAST!!!

(Well - at last for 1... the other one is still in the hands of the United States Postal Service -hopefully to be delivered Saturday.)

So I have taunted and teased long enough - it's time to share one of the quilts, as well as a bit of the "backstory" on this project.

This project actually began in April, when Lazy Sister Sue, Jill and I got together to swap our fabrics for our SIS quilts (oh - and visit Jill and attend a big quilt show and some other fun stuff... but that's another story).  Later that month, as I am cutting the fabrics - I once again realize that I have more fabrics than needed for the pattern.  So even as I cut my top, my brain is plotting what to do with the scraps.

So my top is all cut - not assembled but cut - and it's now July and I come across this pattern on Moda Bake Shop.  Instantly the lights go on in my head, and I set myself to cutting squares for half square triangles, planning on making this for Jill - who has told me she does not put up a tree for her and the pups. 

The flimsy for Jill is finished in August (and mine is not):  (note the green trees and grass, and flowers in the garden)

The quilting got put on hold as I needed to get my table adapted to do better quilting - and then with Christmas and new windows and a new furnace and a new hot water heater and a full time job and Cub Scouts - it kind of got put even more on hold.  I opted not to rush through the quilting as I wanted to do some new things and did not want to be stressed about the calendar, too.
And then it FINALLY got finished.  I was a bit spooked by all that open white space that just begged for FMQ - I was straight line quilting within the tree itself and thought straight lines in the open area would cause the tree to get lost on the back.


So I quilted some snowflakes.  This was an experiment -and I had printed them out and quilted over the printouts - causing a bit of paper and toner to get trapped under the thread (oops - not good on WOW) but they look really great despite that!!!

 Then on the borders, which were rippling slightly - I wanted really heavy quilting, so I did what I think of as "radiators" -kind of a loopy zig zag one way, then the other way, in squarish quadrants all around the border.  This picture shows it on the red stars (red thread) and on the back (an offwhite pinstripe shirting fabric).
It was a tough secret to keep - only a few people saw the flimsy photo ahead of time.  My son loves this quilt and wanted me to "decorate" the tree with ornaments, but I love the crispness and simplicity of it.  It was fun to see the swap fabrics in a different light as they made up my "branches".

It is finally in Jill's hands -with some shortbread to sweeten the gift.


Cheryl Willis said...

well worth waiting for!!
I love the story and the quilt. cw

Susan C said...

Wonderful! Can't wait until MY quilt arrives so I can hear the back story on it! Once again it will be dinnertime before I get home to check the mail. The USPS better not make me wait until Monday!

Anjeanette said...

Oh Regina! I love it! Great job on the MFQ too. so sweet of you to make it for Jill. I think it is lovely! No need for sweetness;)

Jennifer said...

Great quilt and great job on the quilting!

Marj said...

The tree is beautiful and I'm sure that Jill is really happy to be ready for this coming Christmas. Love the story, makes me want to make a tree quilt for my self. My only problem is that my Scotty cat would still probably climb it.
Looking forward to seeing Susan's quilt.

Jean(ie) said...

awwww... I know Jill loves it... It's a cute quilt.... And I love the idea behind the sister swap... so cool!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Me and the pups love it!! I didn't even see the label, but it's awesome, too!! :)