Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The "Studio" or the "Sty"...?

So Jill has asked me about my work space.... and I finally got brave and brought the camera upstairs to "the Studio"... or perhaps "the Sty"???

So I am not going to make any excuses for the mess -this is the normal state of things up here - controlled chaos. As you can probably guess from the slanted ceilings -we are in the attic - it is mostly finished, although the floors are a bit rough, so I have an area rug, foam squares and a chair mat on the floor. I don't do floor layout of quilts up here - I go downstairs for that.

When you come up the stairs (steep stairs) you run down the "gauntlet" of storage tubs - this is the main storage area for the household, so not all these bins contain sewing/crafting items. I did have them well labeled at one point, but we need to go through and consolidate, purge, and relabel a few. My biggest problem is dumping things on top of the bins when I bring it upstairs.

So when you run down the "gauntlet" towards the big double window (curtains closed as I took these photos at night) you will see off to the right the TV -and just in front of it is the play space for the Munchkin - including a play kitchen and an easel, play table and chairs. These get moved around a lot, although I have used the easel as a mini design wall. On a good day I can get the Munchkin playing up here while I "play," too.
When I sit at my table, I can look over my work to the TV and whatever the Munchkin is doing (that is if my pile of projects does not get too high).
My main work space runs down the left side of the room. There is a big closet on one side of the stairs (opposite the bin storage area) and my table is just next to the door. I have some items stored in there, but can close the door to keep the cat out. When I am working I can just pull supplies out as needed (I did not take pictures in there.) I have storage along the wall behind me in various cabinets and dressers, and the ironing board towards one end near the window. One challenge is where the outlets are - and the other is light - or lack of it. Note all that beautiful paneling - it just sucks up the light. I want to paint it - but it is so old and dry it would just suck up the paint, too. Long term plan -but low on the priority list (the house is a 1929 -we have a long priority list!)
So this is looking back from the ironing board into my work corner. You can see the closet door behind my chair.
I have storage tucked everywhere. My table is a recycled door from the house with a glass top - but the top is longer than the door, so I have this small white bookcase tucked under the overhang. It is piled pretty high with projects and scraps right now, and in front of the bookcase are the leftover props from the Munchkin's jungle birthday party. Need to find a home for - or a recycling purpose for - all of those.
And last but not least - here is sewing central. I try to keep the cutting mats as uncovered as possible while working, and do pretty well.

My wish list for this space? A drop-in sewing table so I have more flat surface to wrangle large quilts under the throat of my machine. Storage areas underneath that are not broken up by funky old wrought iron legs at a strange angle (family hand me downs - they work for holding up the table but are not ideal). Storage cabinets built into the knee walls so that they are moved back further and give more open space for me and the Munchkin. Whiter/brighter walls to maximize all the good lamps I have up there. An extra wide ironing board. Pergo. Central air conditioning... oh and a maid?

But for now - this works... and it works pretty well. We have fun - we get things done - and I can walk away and leave half done projects on the table and not have to worry about cleaning them off to serve dinner.


Barb said...

I so enjoyed seeing your sewing do have alot of space and that is grand.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Omg! And here I am going on and on about taking over more space int house for sewing! Lol

I was a little worried looking at the first picture thinking that you had a looooong skinny room and no space at all, but there your table and machine are - tucked behind the closet. Nice!!

I will just have to make myself content with what I have...,,

Tracy said...

Very cozy! Looks like you have it under control and know where everything is.
I want a tv/dvd for my room but haven't been able to bring myself to pay almost $200.00 for one yet...that's the cheapest I have found.

Deanna said...

Attics are the best! I think they automatically inspire creativity. Maybe all the good vibes just float up there like hot air?

Karen Joy said...

I thought of using my dormer, but decided to use the great room off my kitchen. That decision was because I got a quilting stand and machine. Now all I have to do is finish painting the room. Love your organization.

Julianne said...

I so love that there is munchkin space. for the last year we have been a 3 generation house hold. so my grandson often creates with me..