Sunday, September 19, 2010

oh I don't have a witty post title tonight... just read it!

The post below is very photo heavy and contains not only the "booty" (fitting word for today - since it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day) from yesterday's shop hop - but also a few other goodies that have crossed my threshold in one way or another recently that I had not yet had the chance to show off.

We'll start with yesterday... three shop stops... three bags .... four pictures.

Fat quarters from our first stop, Chestnut Bay Quilting. This shop has a wonderful selection of batik fabrics and Civil War reproductions, and the owner also has some wonderful original pattern designs. The two little rolls were from a shop hop held previously - and were a little "bonus" gifty... the big black yo-yo is actually attached to the quilt underneath - more to follow on that in a future post.
Our second stop was Mt. Pleasant Quilting Company. They were celebrating their 'birthday' and had a tent sale with 50% off bolts and yardage. The pink dot to the right I picked up in the tent and will be a backing fabric.

The measuring tape fabric is a new fabric line - sorry I don't know the name right now and the yardage is upstairs. When I first spotted it there were only FQ's on the shelf (and only 2 left of those) and the bolt was AWOL. The wonderful staff there went hunting it down, and I was able to get a yard off it without having to throw any elbows! :-) I ran into another quilting/Lions Club friend there... which was great fun. We are already making plans to have our own mini one-day retreat with a small group locally. That should be fun - and maybe something we can do this winter.
At our third stop, Material Rewards Quilts, I spent a lot of time just going through the entire shop very slowly. The previous two times I had been in the shop it was their Christmas in July - and so the shop had always been very crowded.

I found some fun fabrics in here, including (L to R) the chickens for my neighbor, the white "glow in the dark" for Halloween and the Munchkin's bedroom, and some fabrics to make some 'candy corn' gifties. I also picked up this great Nativity fabric panel to do a wall hanging - will be fun to have the Munchkin decorate the hanging, as each element hangs from a ribbon on a button.

Prior to the shop hop, I had been dangerously surfing the web and checking in on a few fabrics I had been coveting. When they went on clearance, I went a little crazy....

These are mostly 1/2 yard cuts - I am planning some projects in orange and brown - and I just love them all.

Then I had to buy some border fabric for a project, and since was having such a great sale at the time, I picked up some other items as well.

And last but not least - this was a giveaway prize that I won from Quiltmaker magazine on their blog. They were giving away the fabric left over from making the samples from their latest issue I won the leftovers from Practical Magic, and when I won they told me I would probably have enough to make the pattern from the leftovers.

'Scuse me but there are nearly 12 yards of fabric here!!! 12 yards of yummy batiks!!! I think I will be able to make it - and then some!!!

So all these should keep me busy for a while... if nothing else I will be busy figuring out where to stash them until I am ready for them!

I did not take many photos at the quilt show -and did not pick up anything from any of the vendors. The few pictures I did take I will post tomorrow -they were mostly pictures of parts of quilts for future reference and inspiration.... do others do that, too or do you always photo the entire quilt? I think I only have 2 quilts full size shots - the rest are just little bits.


Anonymous said...

Love that chicken fabric! I bought a fat quarter of that two years ago and made a zippered pouch and thread catcher for a friend who is working on a hand appliqued chicken quilt!! Looks like you got some good purchases and love all the batiks from Quiltmaker!!! I hope to find some goodies at the local quilt shop while in Beaufort this week. But I'm REALLY looking forward to a trip to a quilt shop with you next month!

Reenie said...

Whoa! lol It looks like you are all set with fabrics to keep you busy all winter! I love the browns and oranges. They make everything look so cozy! I, too, only take pics of parts of quilts at shows!!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

That chicken fabric is AWESOME!!! Love everything that you got!! Now, get to work on the orange and brown! lol

PinkGranny said...

I like it! I would love to go on a Shop Hop like that! I am glad you decided to go.

elizabeth said...