Thursday, July 29, 2010

Return to Wonderland

I have been completing lots of flimsies this year -some I can share and some I can't ('cause they are surprises for other people) - but since Return to Wonderland is one for me, I will share it.

This is a quilt along I did with Shellie using Pat Speth's Sunny Lanes pattern and more of the Moda Wonderland - or what I had not already used in Jill's quilt Sibling Revelry. Shellie did hers in more vintage fabrics, while I went bright and bold. I love them both!

The backing on this will be a fun pink on pink that I found at an awesome "yard sale" - pun intended!!! Shellie and I had great fun - making multiple trips from that sale to the ATM and back to the sale!!!

So once the summer heat subsides a bit, and I can reclaim a bit of the living room floor for doing some sandwiching, I hope to turn some of these flimsies into finished projects!

PS - these were some of the fabrics from the big sale. Most of these got shipped off to Jill, but the two on the far left I kept. The pink -and some awesome soft green - were purchased on a return trip and I have not taken photos of those yet. The gold will be the back of Just Me and My SIS.


Marj said...

I really like pictures of flimies taken with light shinning through them. The look like stained glass windows. Great yard sale finds.
Happy quilting!

Karen said...

BEAUTIFUL! If you get tired of it and feel the need to give it away, consider this my entry to win it! ;)
Love you! Karen

Three Birds Inspired said...

I love this quilt! The colors are beautiful and the pattern you used is really lovely. Marj is so right - hanging there on the line with the light shining through gives is the look of stained glass!

Michelle said...


Darling Jill Quilts said...

Love it!! I really like the pattern! And the gorgeous fabrics that I acquired! lol