Friday, December 14, 2007

Decking the Halls

I still cannot figure out how a bigger tree ended up with fewer ornaments on it this year?

Sunday we put up our new 7 1/2 foot tree - and after wrestling with some light issues - loaded it up with over 1000 tiny white bulbs (about 50 of which are now out, but that is an issue for NEXT year now!!!) Circumstances did not allow actual ornament decorating to begin until last night. Of course the munchkin went right for the breakables in the box, but we managed to divert him and get the child friendly stuff in his hands and -mostly- on the tree. There is this band across the middle where it shifts from fragile to indestructible - and seems to correspond to his reach, although I am sure he will prove us wrong sometime this season.

For many years we decorated an old old old artificial tree - I think it was the original one my family had, although my mother will beg to differ on that. Anyway - it was very open, all the way through, and I loved that I could hang ornaments all the way in and see the sparklies all the way through it. This one is much much much thicker, so we could not do that (although we have a strategy for next year that may give us that back - without employing wire cutters! we shall see)

I still have some more "decking" to do - mantle to be cleared and decorated. It really means finding a place for all the stuff on the mantle, mostly fragile or non toddler friendly items that I will have to find a SAFE place for. I ran out of momentum last night to do that - but need to get it done to have a place for the stockings.

Some cookies are done - more to be made this weekend. Sunday looks to be blustery and cold, so perhaps we can stock up on ingredients and just bake the day away!

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