Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No More Trouble with Turtles

IT'S FINALLY DONE - and delivered!!!

After 5 months, and 800 miles, I now have no more "Trouble with Turtles". I finished most of the binding in the car between NY and SC, and then worked on it some evenings during our visit there. I was finally able to deliver it after the wedding, just before Lazy Sister Sue and her family left town to head back to their homes.

For an adaptation of a pattern - and some parts that were made up as I went along - it turned out pretty much as I thought. If I did it again (and I don't plan on it - 2 is enough) - the legs and head would be a bit different, and I would practice half square triangles a bit more to get the shell corners better.

The munchkin loved the turtle -and now sees turtles everywhere he looks! And I don't even have my collection on display right now.

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Anonymous said...

You failed to mention how you've trained your munchkin to walk off with other people's turtles!!!! That's ok, though, he's such a cutie that I forgive him for trying to take my tote and hanging onto my turtle quilt when you tried to give it to me.
Luckily, he was quickly pacified with the quilt that I made for kid!

Love you lots, miss you more~