Friday, September 14, 2007

turtles CAN'T run - but they CAN hide

I am having such a time with these turtle quilts. First I lost the extra bag of shell blocks and had to punt to be able to finish the Box Turtle quilt (the blue one). Then last night I was all geared up to piece the top of the pink one (my goal is to have it pieced and sandwiched with the binding sewn on but not turned, and then tie it and stitch the binding during an upcoming LOONG car journey) - and I COULD NOT FIND IT!!! All the pieces were in a big gallon ziplock bag - but since things had been rearranged in the house due to mid-summer company and late-summer construction projects (LOVE my new French Doors to the back yard, by the way!!) I was not sure where this little turtle had wandered off to.

The munchkin was reading bedtime stories with Daddy as I went upstairs to the attic, downstairs to the living room, into our bedroom, back to the attic, back downstairs, back to the bedroom - I lost count of how many places I looked. Finally, after about an hour of this I was able to visualize what else I had been working on and remember where I put all those things.

Needless to say, no actual sewing was done last night - just the block layout and pinning. Tonight is Crop Circle -so sewing may have to wait for the weekend. 8 days left until we depart - the turtles may end up staying home!

That's what they get for hiding!

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