Thursday, July 05, 2007

Quilting on the 4th of July becoming a habit

OK - that bag of blocks can reappear now, because I punted... I found a few scraps and was able to construct 3 blocks which went into the baby quilt and the others moved into the pink one (why? because when you are making a quilt for the person who taught you how - you don't want the one block with the fabric that appears NO WHERE ELSE in either quilt because you just needed that little square and had to bring in an outside scrap just to get it done - you want it to be "perfect"...)

All the components are ready to assemble -but with July 4th at hand and a house full of 28 people because our outdoor picnic moved inside due to rain - I decided the baby can wait... I did have the strips spread out on my bed to show a friend though - it looks AWESOME! I cannot wait to finish this one!

Here is what I was sewing the morning of our July 4th picnic LAST year...(look behind the munchkin on the swing)

I taught a class at my dining room table, and this is what I made while I taught it. I machine sewed the binding the morning of July 4th because I wanted it on the swing and just ran out of time - even though I prefer to hand finish my bindings. It is a great summer weight quilt and came inside onto the sofa for yesterday's picnic. The munchkin has now discovered "brankets" and loves to curl up on the sofa or floor and figure out how to cover himself up.

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