Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The best of intentions...

The best of intentions - often get waylaid by my toddler! A day of crafting, of prepping for the craft show, was running fine until nap time - or should I say "lack of nap" time. He just did not want to sleep - until I brought him back downstairs next to where I had the sewing machine, and he promptly fell asleep on the sofa, putting a damper on my sewing for the next several hours, and actually the rest of the day.

I did get 14 items completed - out of my stack of about 30 items I had cut out and prepped, so it was not all bad. Evenings over the next week should finish them up - and the craft show is on the 9th.

Will need to get photos of the booth that DH has constructed out of a pair of old bifold doors. It is so handy to be married to someone who is so handy!!

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