Thursday, September 07, 2006

2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad

So impatience got the better of me -I have been "production line" sewing 3 bags, and have finished 2 of the 3. I "was" going to wait and post all 3 photos at the same time -but I can't wait to share these.

The Mickey one is "almost" done - I just need to add some velcro to the outer pockets, and I have big white round buttons like the ones on Mickey's shorts to cover the velcro spots. Then I need a zipper pull - but I have not found the right Mickey charm yet.

The oriental blue one was officially pressed into service today. I added the zipper pull after this photo was taken - it is a silver rectangular charm with a laser cut out of a Japanese character that means peace. I added a lobster claw clasp and a few beads, and think it looks really nice.

Now to finish the third - it just lacks the zipper and the side seams. Perhaps tonight.

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Job said...

these are really great! you are so talented!!!