Friday, June 13, 2008

You know you're a parent when...

Last night I got stuck at work late, so we had to meet our wonderful babysitter (sister-in-law) in a parking lot half way between her house and the area where Hubby and I work (car pooling is a WONDERFUL thing!) - we decided to then make the most of being out as a family and run some grocery store errands (and pick up pizza for dinner) while we were out.

The Munchkin loves the grocery store - between the free cookies or fruit bars in the bakery, and the large model train that runs above the ethnic food section (don't ask - I think it's been there through a few re-sets of that store) - he's in heaven. Plus he's a full out flirt, and the ladies that work there just adore him!

On the way there, we crossed a rail road crossing we don't normally cross when Munchkin is in the car. He liked finding a new one. Then we decided to take the back way home - which took us across a triple crossing - again a newish one for the Munchkin. That one had a train parked on one track, which he insisted was moving (nope - parked), so Hubby agreed to take an even more back way home that would take us up and over that triple track, and the parked train.

Ohh - can you sense the excitement that caused!!! And going that way meant that we had one more crossing to go (a double this time, and part of our normal commute) to get back to the house. We figured it out - from home to daycare and back to home, he got to go across 6 (SIX) crossings that day! Unfortunately the only trains he saw were one (parked) and one (scale model) but I really don't think he cared.

Ah - simple happiness.


Suzan said...

My 3yr old grandson is also crazy about trains and lives for "Thomas". Thomas comes to the rail museum near here 3 times a year. We are trying to coordinate a visit so that I can take him. The boy would never be the same!!

jillquilts said...

It's the simple things! My youngest nephew really digs cars so he is pretty easy! :)

Pollyanna said...

Ha ha. I can totally relate to this. SB is 6 and still loves anything to do with trains. We will be driving along and H will see a train something and say something about it. SB will correct him and then explain it in detail to him. Train tracks are a favorite thing for us;)