Friday, June 20, 2008

I've Got the Blues

I've got the blues - and browns -again. As in I am getting ready to start another quilt with those colors. A co-worker of my hubby is getting married in mid-July and I thought that a lap quilt (with a pair of matching pillowcases) would be nice to make for them (just wish I had known a bit sooner)... I checked their registry at Linens and Things and they have tan sheets, chocolate brown blankets and a blue throw listed.

Since I already have lots of brown binding (still) - I can run with those colors easily. I don't want a repeat of Joe's quilt pattern - and continuing on my quest to try new patterns when I can - I decided to go with this one. I really liked the blues I used in Joe's quilt, so I will pick those same fabrics up again, and I have lots of tans/creams/browns in my scrap bin, so I can run with those for the scrappy patches. I think a cream thin middle border, and perhaps a lighter almost wedgewood blue for the inner border would really make it all pop nicely with their color scheme.

Awww -that means I need to go fabric shopping tomorrow - drat.... (hee hee!!!)


swirlc said...

Oh, I love that! Are you going to do it basically like the pattern picture with only the border color changes you mentioned? And what size? They will love it and it will go together so nicely now that you have Zoe to sew with.
Wish I could go fabric shopping with you. Some new fabrics just came into our quilt shop, wanna come see them?!?


Amelia said...

This pattern will look great in the creams tans and brown.

Not much time left - will you be able to complete by then?

have a great fun filled weekend.


jillquilts said...

Love the pattern! It will look great!