Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Toothpicks and Chicken Wire

I was challenged today to use the phrase "chicken wire" in a conversation, but as the challenger well knows, I talk to very few people in the course of my day, and somehow saying "chicken wire" to a 3 year old, or back to the challenger (Hubby) just did not seem sporting. Given that fact, I decided that "chicken wire" would have to be my blog fodder for today.

But we're not talking just your ordinary "surround the vegetable garden to keep the animals out" chicken wire - check out what someone more creative than I has done with it: Chicken Wire Busts.

And it is always ever present, although hidden, in most of the best Halloween Costumes. I might just have to make this one some time. Hubby made a Gumby once - I don't think he used any chicken wire, though. Just lots and lots of foam (and green paint).

So where do the toothpicks come in? Well, at Toothpick City of course. This artist is a friend of ours, and it constantly amazes me what he does with something out of my kitchen cabinet.

And the picture? Not real chicken wire - but FABRIC!!! How cool is that!

What other everyday things end up in crafty projects? I have recently seen bottle cap pincushions, dryer sheets in quilt appliqué, and old shoes used for planting. While I think these are all cool ideas, I have not tried any of them - yet.

Back out in the garden - my neighbor last year used old skis and poles to stake her tomatoes, as well as old gardening tools. This year it looks like a pair of crutches will join the mix - I will try to get some pictures. She's also recycling an old brass headboard as a "trellis" for some peas, and covered an old ladder with chicken wire to give the pumpkins something to crawl across. And along the edge of the vegetable beds a bottle garden is growing -in blues and greens and clears. It really sparkles!

Any other ideas?

Addendum: I was asked by Lazy Sister Sue where the turtles are in this chicken wire post. Check HERE. (I opted for this rather than the instructions to make a turtle pen, as I like my turtles to be free range)


Jen said...

You could say...

My friend Jen in Wisconsin currently lives in an upper apartment with a balcony. You wouldn't believe how far the slats are apart that everyone with children and animals put chicken wire up so that no one falls off. It's amazing that the City doesn't make the landlords fix this as someone is bound to get hurt. I mean really, if a 100 pound black lab can fit through, they're too far apart. It's a good thing she's moving.

Higgins Design Studio said...

A long time ago, in a land far, far away (Syracuse, NY), I had a costume made with chicken wire. I was the Big Apple. The form was made of giant wreath armatures and chicken wire, covered with thin batting and red polished cotton. I painted a city sky-line and using a battery operated fiber-optic flashlight, added lights to the windows. If I can ever find a photo, I'll share. It was for a halloween party at a friend's house in York, PA back in 1985 or 1986. The other year I was an Indian maiden with a rifle through my head...