Saturday, June 07, 2008


Many months ago, my Lazy Sister Sue started signing off our chats or concluding her emails with the phrases "Love You Lots, Miss You More." With the chats, it soon became a challenge for me to type back "Miss You More" before she got it typed in. Abbreviations soon took over, and it became a playful game between the two of us to see who could type it first.

We've had fun with it - even starting out a chat to get our "LYL MYM" in first - or adding extra letters like "MYEM" for "even", "exceptionally", "exceedingly", "energetically" - and then we go off into a whole "e" word game. (yes - you probably had to be there...) Needless to say "signing off" of a chat in our world usually takes a while.

This even carried over into one of the name suggestions for the turtle: Lil' Mim is LSS's version of LYL MYM as a name.

Earlier this spring I decided I wanted to make LSS a surprise - I had found a pattern for paper pieced letters inside of hearts and thought it would be fun to make the blocks and then assemble them into something. A Runaround Bag, a pillowcase, an open top tote - all these were considered, but then I decided to do just a simple zippered tote (with Handy Tabs, of course!!!)

I had hoped to finish this before a retreat LSS went on - while she worked on her version of our Sister's Choice swap - since I could not be with her I thought I would send something special - bit I soon realized that time and the postal system were against me, and the project got set aside.

With the tiny bits of paper piecing involved with this project, it was not something I could do if I was not focused, so most evenings it got passed over for more straightforward (easy) projects. But last night I was determined -and even though I had to christen the ripper that came with Zoe more than once (and chase a spool of thread across the floor) - it is DONE!!!

LSS has been sent pictures, and it will be sent to her in Monday's mail (along with her Sister's Choice pillowcase).


Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot about the pillowcase! Now I better get going on finishing my Sister's Choice. Let's see........housework? .,,,sewing? ...housework?
........sewing? DARN, I think the "gotta do" won out over the "wanna do"! If I dust and vacuum real fast maybe I can do both!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute!!!

Suzan said...

Such a good sister! Love the bag!!

Colleen said...

My hubby and I used to play that game when we lived apart during college. I love how you turned it into a bag. Your sis will love it!

Gina said...

What a great idea. I love it

love and hugs xxx

Connie said...

That is a fantastic gift--talk about all the great memories that little tote will carry with it!

FabricMom said...

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.