Monday, June 02, 2008

Happiness in a Box - and a contest

The Munchkin and I took a walk this morning - after he got to see yet another dump truck in our driveway - this one delivering 6 yards of mulch. We grabbed his wagon and wandered up to the Post Office. In our box was a key to locker #1 - which meant we had a package - the long awaited box of goodies from Lazy Sister Sue.

I stalled a bit on opening it - The Munchkin and I walked a bit further past the Post Office to the "Ice Cream Store" where we got a strawberry milkshake to share (at 10:30 AM!!!) and i got a sub to save for lunch. The real reason was to sit at their picnic tables that overlook the railroad crossing and see if a train went by. We waited 30 minutes - no luck - but we had a nice treat and a nice walk. It was torture, though, not to tear into that package as it sat in the wagon.

Needless to say it got opened AS SOON as we got in the door!

I had 'ordered' two of these goodies from LSS's last Quilt Shop Hop - yardage of the new Very Hungry Caterpillar fabrics to make a pillow for the Munchkin. The other goodies were all extras - and included some turtle FQ's, a great train play mat for The Munchkin (already in use as you can see), a train bag, some books, and a turtle pincushion.

I took a separate picture of the turtle - as he was getting lost amidst everything else. He was made from scraps leftover from a Runaround bag LSS made for Brother Bill's wife Miwa and actually won the "pincushion contest" at LSS's quilt guild meeting last week. The prize was the pins, so she sent those along, too.

He's my "Turtle of the Day"- now he just needs a name... Hmmm - any recommendations?

Lets have a "Name the Turtle Contest" (for those of you who are still reading). Submit your nomination for his name between now and Friday (OOPS - got impatient - posted it Thursday) and on Friday (Thursday) I will put up a poll to have everyone vote. The author of the winning name will get a handmade goodie as a prize (and it won't necessarily have turtles on it either).


Sandra said...

If there's any possibility he's a she, Bubbles would be a cute name! For a boy, I'd vote for Franklin :)

Trish said...


lazy Sister Sue said...

Trying again to leave a comment. Since the turtle was born in South Carolina, Carol or Carl would be good names, depending on whether or not you decide it's a boy turtle or a girl turtle.

But I also like "Lil Mim"......for the way we end all our communications.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

How about Travis T. Turtle.

Higgins Design Studio said...

For some reason, I think Eugene fits, not sure why... maybe it is a morphing of parts of "Sue" & "Regina". Eugenia if it's a girl.

Amelia said...

My suggestion: Clyde

No particular reason...just seems fitting for the little fabric fellow.


Moneik said...

What a fun package. I always love to receive packages in the mail.

The Mercantile Gang said...

Ben thinks the turtle's name should be Shelly.

Pollyanna said...

Vance says it should be Thomas. But then everything revolves mostly around those silly trains...or Legos lately.

How fun to receive such a package!!

Michele said...

Definitely an Earl.

Anonymous said...

Your turtle looks like a boy to me, and his name is Toby. I don't know why--he just told me it is.
Glenda in Florida