Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

My Hubby had quite the day yesterday - it was Father's Day - but did he alter his Sunday morning routine of making the Munchkin and I yummy waffles? Nope.

Did he sit and watch a game on the TV or play video games? Nope.

What he did do is work extremely hard helping me to add three new planter boxes to our back yard vegetable patch - cutting the landscape timbers, cutting the sod and pulling out the rocks and weeds, assembling the boxes, and then filling them with topsoil and helping me mix in peat moss and cow poop. Four bags of cow poop.

By the end of the day - we were pooped out.

He even made the lunch run to the local grocery store for some picnic fixins, and made us all lunch. Of course it helped that he was a little bit less grubby than I was at that point. Sawdust does not get under your fingernails like topsoil does.

We had good help throughout the day - The Munchkin helped measure, helped by playing while we did some digging, and helped with some planting. And Hubby got to try out his new corded drill - complete with carrying case. It made short work of drilling through the timbers.

The Munchkin is great at measuring, and pretty good at planting, but has got to work a bit on the concept of NOT digging in the bed where we just planted seeds. I think once they start to sprout he will have a better idea of how this all works. Yes - I know these seeds are in late in the season - but he asked for carrots, so we will see what happens.

Happy Father's Day!


Amelia said...

You not only planted seeds but you are planting (and growing) memories.

Have a great week.


Gina said...

Well it sounds like hubby had a great day.

love and hugs xxx

FabricMom said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day. Kudos to the hubby for working so hard. Sounds like you have a great man.