Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quilting - step by step by HUH?

Most quilts I make follow some sort of process.

They are either Process A:
1. pick pattern
2. pick fabric
3. cut and quilt

Or they are Process B:
1. pick fabric
2. pick pattern that works with said fabric, or make it up as I go along
(2a. buy more fabric as needed)
3. cut and quilt

My Lazy (and Frugal) Sister Sue just added a third option:

Process C:
1. print label for quilt to be made later because you have extra labels on a sheet and don't want to waste the fabric.
2. Proceed with either Process A or Process B.

In her own words: "at $7.99 for three sheets of iron on fabric for inkjet printing..........I need to make the most of it, even if I used a 40% off coupon"

Quilters are nothing if not frugal.

Don't worry, LSS, I won't add to your nickname. Too long to type and too risky to add to the abbreviation.

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