Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More Lunchbag Goodness

We are now a full fabric lunchbag family - I finished up Hubby's Hobo Lunchbag last night. Of course he promptly modeled it for me (as he auditioned for Monty Python??):

As the Munchkin would say - "that's not right" - so here it is, empty but right side up:

This was some great Boy Scout fabric that I came across online while looking for something else. Hubby looks at the different merit badges on it and says "got it, got it, don't got it"... This bag was a bit fussier than the other two - since I tried to line up the fabric to cut along the grid between the patches, and to leave a large patch at the tip of the ties. I added the pocket on the inside, too. I have a 2nd one cut from this fabric to make for a friend, and a bunch more out of other fabrics cut out and waiting in the wings... for gifts or bazaars or other such events.

So now there are three - I plan to make a "family back up bag" to keep in the drawer in case any of the 3 need a quick emergency trip through the wash, but other than that we will just wash them weekly.

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Jen said...

Regina that is AWESOME!!!!