Saturday, June 14, 2008

Turtle of the Day - Dollar Store Refugee

So a few months ago I was in the dollar store - I needed to get some "diaper disposal bags" for Hubby's mom, who had just gotten a new dog. They are great for poops of whatever kind, and at 100 bags for a buck, a great deal.

While browsing to find some other things (can't remember what now - I think it was envelopes) there was a bit of a "scene" in the store because someone rang up wanting cash back on a debit card purchase, and the cashier hit the wrong key and the woman wanted her $5+ change RIGHT THEN - with lines stretching to the back of the store. Since the manager/owner had to make the correction, she was asked to wait until he cleared a customer through the register he was operating - and this woman pitched a total hissy fit, to the point where they asked her to leave the store or she would be removed.

Riots at the Dollar Store -who woulda thunk.

But given the scene at the registers, I hung out a bit longer than usual and came across this cute little fella, who is now hiding out in my huge patch of lavender. Hope he gets along well with the bees that will be moving in as soon as the flowers open.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the friendly shoppers at the dollar store. I have run into a few less than civilized people there too. Although there are many, many very nice and polite shoppers too.

I love finding unexpected treasures there though, just yesterday I left with a big sombrero for a special Relay for Life wrap-up event in two weeks. Hey, when it's only $1, you almost can't lose!

Hope your turtle enjoys the lavender.

jillquilts said...

That's too funny! Being kicked out of the dollar store! You gotta be really trashy to accomplish that! he he he Cute turtle!