Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stash Buster Update

The good news - my local fabric store had the two blues I was thinking of using for the Northwoods Crossing wedding quilt - as well as a few other fabrics to round out the project. The backing fabric I wanted was not going to work - there was not enough left - so that is becoming the pillowcases and I went with a different backing. The best part - it was all on sale!!! (and I will admit to buying just a smidge more of one of the fabrics so I would have some left over - it is just a great fabric!)

After washing all the fabric on Saturday evening I was able to get everything cut (except the backing, which I will cut later) - and yesterday assembled the 72 "Floating Star" blocks. Tonight I hope to make a dent in the 72 four-patches that make up the rest of this quilt.

It needs a name, though - "Northwoods Crossing" just is not doing it for me. Maybe when I have more of the blocks done and can start to see an overall impact the name will come.

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