Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Votes are In....and the winner is...

Wow - who would have thought that the battle of naming rights for a little stuffed turtle would be so fierce!

In 3rd Place - with 3 of 38 votes
Travis T. Turtle (the other Regina)

In 2nd Place - a 3 way tie each with 7 votes -
Terra-Pin (why - um - me!)
Lil' Mim (Lazy Sister Sue)
Toby (Glenda in Florida)

in 1st Place - with 9 votes
Shelly (DragonBen and the Mercantile Gang)

So - with apologies to my niece Shelly (or perhaps she was one of the 9 votes??) - this little Turtle is now forever more known as Shelly.

So some home made goodness will be sent in the direction of Dragon Ben (and probably the rest of the Mercantile Gang as well.)


The Mercantile Gang said...

DragonBen when asked what to name the turtle, immediately, without hesitation said "Shelly". His reasoning was that the turtle has a shell... not that his cousin is married to a real Shelly. We questioned him as to the spelling and entered it into the competition as he requested.
We are proud that his name won.

swirlc said...

Congratulations DragonBen! I like your thinking on what would be an appropriate name. And I think Shelly would be flattered to share her name with a cute little turtle.


Higgins Design Studio said...

I agree. It's noy like it is an insult... the turtle Shelly is adorable! And so is the real Shelly in the family!
All of the names entered were wonderful for their own reasons. I found it difficult to vote, but decided to support DragonBen because he was so definite about that being the turtles name. And all of his stuffed toys have definite names that have stayed the same although most of us cannot tell who is who.

jillquilts said...

Love the meaning behind the name! I'm glad DragonBed won!

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