Monday, June 30, 2008

And a Good Old Staffer, Too

My friend Jen has been sharing her "quilting history" photos with us recently, and I have realized that I don't have good photos of some of my earlier quilts.

This particular quilt I still have access to, as I see the recipient on a regular basis, so I borrowed it back for a photo shoot.

This was actually one of my earlier quilts - I was armed with the quilt as you go assembly knowledge, a walking foot, and a whole lot of gumption to attempt this one. These were my first paper pieced blocks, and I had not done much in the way of appliqué prior to this project. I was also flying completely without a pattern on this project - and it is a large reason why I have so very many tans and browns in my stash, as I had no clue on how much of each fabric to purchase.

The slideshow has some up close shots of the different areas, and some detail on how they were done.

This quilt was also completed at 3:00 AM the morning it was to be delivered to camp - 2 hours drive away. My SIL rode shotgun since I had not had much sleep and we met Hubby in the parking lot to make the transfer. I was unfortunately not in attendance at the banquet at which it was presented, but got to see the recipient later. I did not know him well at the time, but he and his wife are now my Munchkin's godparents.


Moneik said...

What a cool quilt and so very special.

Amelia said...

Good looking quilt...holds special memories for all of you.

Jen said...

Yea!! I like that you're taking this up too! I want to see all of yours!!