Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dirty Tales from the Garden II

And we come to chapter II of our peony saga - the story of Bernie's Peony (read here about how I name plants).

When we bought our house in 2001 the gardens were very neglected and overgrown, so even though the house was a 1929 we were essentially starting from scratch on many beds.

A good friend (Bernie) was very generous and used to let me come over with buckets and shovels and dig freely - lilies, iris, black eyed susan's, seedum, and much much more.

One 4th of July weekend we were "garden and swimming pool sitting" while they were out of town. She told me as long as we were going to be over there to take cuttings of anything, and that I could have an entire peony plant that was in her side garden down behind some bushes.

It was HUGE! I was so excited- knowing I could divide it and get at least 5 separate clumps out of it. And knowing the peonies I already had were white/yellow, I was excited to get a different color.

Imagine my embarrassment when they returned from their trip and I learned that I had taken out the WRONG plant!!!


Amelia said...

A beauty to say the least...have you been forgiven for taking the wrong plant?

jillquilts said...

Oh no! I hope that they weren't too upset! :)

Higgins Design Studio said...

At least you divided it, maybe you gave them back a clump? And, did you get any of the clump they intended for you to take?
Beautiful color pink!

vtquilter said...

Sorry, I had to laugh at that one. I'll bet they will be much more specific when you can take more plants from them. Hope they forgave you.