Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback Fridays -the Play House

(Note to my siblings - this is what you get for letting me scan all the slides!!! And yes, I do accept bribes)

Putting together the Munchkin's new "playground" reminded me of the great Play House we had growing up - I recall the A-Frame house on top (that the wasps liked to nest in), and the big sand pit/swing area -can't recall exactly what was under the A Frame although I think it was firewood for some reason.

Here's a great shot of 5 of the 6 of us during the construction phase. Lazy Sister Sue is not in attendance. (I am the cute little one to the front right.)

I wonder if this is the same day my Big Brother Bill dropped me on my head in the grass and caused a major emergency. Seems he was holding me upside down and dropped me in the grass in the back yard. It was about a 2 inch drop and did not hurt, but when I got up my face was all dripping in blood.

Mom and Dad rushed me into the house, and Mom put compresses on my head while Dad tried to call the doctor. No answer (I think it was a weekend - but he was a good country doctor, so you never knew). She lifted the compress to check on my head and saw this long jagged line of blood all across my face - told Dad to grab the keys to drive to the hospital (20+ minutes away) as I was going to need stitches.

As he went to get the keys, she checked on my face again - and then called Dad back and said we did not have to go - it turns out that the jagged "gash" was actually a fine hair that had been covered in blood, and the cut was so very tiny that they never did actually find it at all.

I was probably around 3 or 4 or so at the time - although I am sure my family can chime in and clarify the details. I recall being in my little youth chair in the kitchen at the end of the peninsula with the washcloth on my head - although I am sure with all the scrapes and bangs and such of being a kid in a big active family I might just be recalling a different "kitchen first aid" incident.

I also remember Big Brother Bill searching the lawn to figure out what it was that I had gotten cut on. Never did figure that out either.

But I still give Big Brother Bill a hard time for dropping me on my head in the first place. It's all his fault I am the way I am, right?!??!


Amelia said...

ah memories of our childhood....

Anonymous said...

No bribes this time since I am not in the picture. I remember the gashed head incident, it really did look like a big ugly cut and we all got a laugh out of it when it turned out to be just a little hair with blood on it.

The reason I may not have been in that picture (besides the fact that I detest climbing ladders) is that I was hiding inside. As the oldest of the siblings, I recall the "innocent" ones hanging around when I started dating and doing such wonderful things as bouncing balls off my date's head! You may have conveniently forgotten such doings!

LYL MYM (anyway)

Higgins Design Studio said...

I won't bribe you either! Even though I am the one to the left sitting down.
I used to love going out and sitting on that swing and reading a book.
Underneath the a-frame play house was Dad's original shed, before he built the one at the bottom of the driveway. He used to keep the tractor and garden tools under there.
And, LSS, it wasn't me who bounced the football off his head. I would just watch out the window when you'd come home to see if you were 'shaking hands' or not. (XOXO) As I'm sure Regina may have done to one or the other of us at some point in time. Hey, we were kids...
And I am forever thankful that all 6 of us survived adolesence and get along fabulously with each other and Mom & Dad too!
Love you!