Thursday, February 21, 2008

You know you live in a small town when...

I had a few extra hours on my time sheet this work week, so I opted to come in a bit late this morning and run a few errands - Village Hall, post office, bank -that kind of thing.

When I walked into the Post Office I was instantly greeted by name - and "Happy Belated Birthday!" OK - unless these ladies have memorized the Lions Club birthday calendar, or can read through envelopes - how did they know I just had a birthday??? They even remembered that the Munchkin's birthday is tomorrow!!!

But wait - it gets better!!!

Due to a computer glitch, the payment for the postage on the 7 packages I sent out today (lucky recipients -are YOU one of them???) would not go through. My debit card froze up the machine, and the only option was to shut it down. Rather than going through voiding all that postage and reprocessing it all, M just says "can you stop by in the next few days with the cash? Just tell D that it is for my drawer, 'cause I am going on vacation. I will get these packages out for you today though."

Uh - we are talking over $15 in postage here - and she just sent me on my merry way - knowing I would settle up with her as soon as we could get back in again (Saturday).

Tell me how many places THAT happens??? Not many.
Made my day!!


Moneik said...

Don't you just love small towns? My hometown is the same way. She's just amazing. I was having trouble mailing postcards through the large PO up here, so I sent them home with mom, she sent them out and wouldn't you know they all got there with no troubles! I don't even think she can take credit cards without doing the old carbon copy thing!

Jen said...

Oh that is too funny. Here I figured they had packages or fabric post cards or something they were holding for you!!

Natalie said...

Oh, how cool! I don't think even my town is that small! What a nice benefit, to be sure. :)