Thursday, February 07, 2008

Birth Month - Day 6

We were all back to work and daycare today - although hubby has started the cough and mine is still lingering. The Munchkin seems to have dodged the worst of it - even though he played nursemaid when I was sick. He would tell me "Mommy, lay down on the pillow" and then would plop my rice bag on my head and tuck me in. Good medicine!

Day 6 brought a new backpack - actually I found this at a yard sale when the Munchkin was just a few months old - tags still on it - for $1. Since hubby and I are Lions Club members, we kind of collect things with lions on them, so I thought this would be fun. Now that the Munchkin is old enough to wear it - it made a perfect little gifty. Now if I can only convince him that he can actually put stuff IN the pack and carry it around!


Jen said...

Awwwww how cute is that!!

Glad you're all on the mend!!

Joan Hawley said...

Hi Regina,

Munchin is such a sweetie! I am really enjoying your birthday month progression.

Glad you are feeling better.