Monday, February 18, 2008

Birth Month - Days 16 and 17

I LOVE! I was able to find a whole lot of toddler puzzles for the Munchkin at a bargain -and the Thomas floor puzzle that came in the engine shaped box was just right for Day 16.

One more train car for Day 17 - a magic boxcar with 3 different cargo themes hidden behind it's door.

Today's pocket is MY pocket - day 18 - MY BIRTHDAY.
I wonder what it will hold? (It won't be too much of a surprise - as I will probably put whatever it is into the pocket to be retrieved - just will be obvious that it is for Mommy and not the Munchkin)

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Jen said...

I love Craig's list too. Did you realize you can add an RSS feed to your favorites for things you search on often?? I'm in love with THAT feature!!