Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy? Birthday

OK - I am home on my birthday - this is good, although Monday is my normal day off since I work every Saturday.

I am sick on my birthday - not so good - a lingering very stuffed up head and cough from my cold/bronchitis. I have now been sick ALL of February -and then some. Not fun.

I am feeling up to a bit of crafting - mostly cutting out things to do a whole bunch of sewing at once. My "to-do" pile is growing - but the "Tah-Done" pile is not quite caught up yet.

Right now a cup of tea, a chick-flick movie, and the flannel quilt on the sofa are calling -the Munchkin is napping and the laundry can wait until later.


Joan Hawley said...

Hi Regina,

Happy Birthday!!!!

I sure hope you feel better soon.


Jen said... can I possibly compare to a Happy Birthday from the Joan Hawley herself??

Happy Birthday Regina!!!

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday Regina!

I hope you are feeling better soon!


Barb said...

Happy Birthday Regina. I hate that you got the crud back again. I hope I don't copy you once again! Don't forget the popsicles this time.

Jacqueline said...

Happy birthday one day late, Regina! I am sorry you've been sick!!!! I hope when you feel better that you are able to go out and celebrate your day!

Pollyanna said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!! I hope you feel better soon!