Friday, February 08, 2008

Birth Month - Day 7

Boy the Munchkin has a great memory - he can tell us what he got EVERY DAY for the past week! We will see how long that continues as we go through the month!

Last night was another new book - Curious George and the Firefighters. Of course we sat down and read it right away - and he also looked at all the other titles available - the covers were pictured on the back cover of this one. I am sure there will be more CG books finding their way into our home library soon.

Daddy got a mini shopping spree at Rockler. Of course one of the items is a tool needed to finish the kitchen - actually two of them were - so I guess indirectly it was a present for me, too!

I actually got a surprise package in the mail from a special friend. She knows who she is - and what she sent - and I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY like it!!! Can't wait to play!!! Thanks for such a special surprise!

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