Monday, February 04, 2008

Birth Month -Day 4

Oooh - I got such a great package in the mail today from an eBay auction - but since the Munchkin has gotta wait, so do all my readers!!! Don't worry - the contents will pop up over the next few days.

Mommy's got bronchitis - so my giftie on Day 4 was 2 prescriptions. What fun.

Daddy got to stay home with us today - to give me a hand with the Munchkin and to let me get out to the Dr. - his giftie was the ingredients to make escarole and bean soup tonight... and I brought him home his favorite sub for lunch.

The Munchkin decided he wanted to wait until after dinner to open the pocket - but since my high test cough suppressant will be kicking in around then, I will blog this now - while I am coherent.

(shhh - don't tell him but it's another
Take Along Thomas engine.
It's Mavis - he's been asking for her for a while,
and she is retired so hard to find)


Jen said...

=( on the Bronchitus. I don't think prescriptions really count as gifts!! Usually when we're sick, the deal is you get a "treat" when you go pick up your drugs.

Moneik said...

I have to agree with Jen, the prescriptions shouldn't be the gift!

Regina said...

...ok, so the prescriptions are not the fanciest gift - but if they knock out this incessant coughing, they are very precious! Let's put it this way - I even feel too lousy to sew!!!

I did get myself some yummy crackers, and juice and seltzer - so that is a treat. Unfortunately I cannot taste sweets, so although the cookies and ice cream were tempting, they were not appealing.

Jacqueline said...

feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chicken soup loaded with garlic! Lots of vitamin C!!!!!