Sunday, February 10, 2008

Virtual Quilting, Landmark Posts, and a Giveaway

I have posted before about virtual crafting and quilting with my Lazy Sister Sue, but recently my online "quilting guild" has expanded to include some pretty incredible and talented and FUN ladies from far and wide. I have enjoyed getting to know them through groups and blogs, and sharing ideas, inspiration, and tips with them (of course still keeping LSS in the loop as well).

One of these quilter/bloggers just posted her 200th blog post - and his having a little giveaway to celebrate. You can find her at Ramblings of a Fabric Obsessor . More great members of this group can be found in the Prolific Online Quilters blog ring.

Ironically - in checking on my own progress as a blogger, I found that this is my 100th post!! So - in the spirit of giving, I am doing my own little giveaway! Just post a comment here between now and Valentine's Day - and on the 14th I will pick someone for a little bundle of handmade goodness. If you have your own blog and can post with a link back to me - all the better - but not required for entry.


Lazy Sister Sue said...

Ah, now you get to see how many people read your blog!!!

Isn't wonderful how small the internet makes our world? I love having virtual friends all over the place. Good luck with your giveaway, I know you will have something wonderful.

Moneik said...

We all enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you. Happy 100th!

Michele said...

Well, congratulations! I have to admit that I'm bad about keeping track myself.

Pollyanna said...

I pop in every day or so to check in on you guys. 100 posts is a lot!! Isn't it fun to blog? I feel like it is a journal and a way to sort things in my head and share a little with my friends.

jillquilts said...

Happy 100th post! Congrats!