Sunday, February 03, 2008

Birth Month - Day 3

I kept it easy today - chocolate. 3 pieces -one for the Munchkin, one for Mommy (who wishes she'd get over this cold so she can taste it) and one for Daddy. We had a big family party yesterday and got all sorts of Valentines and goodies -so he's still digging through that stash.

The Munchkin was eying the birthday pockets today - namely his -trying to figure out how long it will be until we get to that one.

Slow down kiddo - gotta get through Mommy's birthday first!!!

What fun!


Jen said...

The more you talk about this, the more excited I am to make one! I think you should copywrite this pattern while you have the chance!!

Moneik said...

This is an awesome idea. So glad to hear he's enjoying it.

Deb (vtquilter) said...

Love the idea of a 'birthmonth' calendar! You are one clever lady!