Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birth Month - Day 15

Two weeks down - two weeks plus a bonus day to go.

Today we got back to the trains - Duncan to be exact. It was wonderful to hear the Munchkin making up stories. for those of you who don't know about Thomas the Tank Engine -all the stories are narrated, like reading a book, so you get the narrator's voice describing the action, or saying a line with "Thomas said" at the end of it.

We got to hear little narrations last night. "James was talking to the other engines. 'What are you doing here?' James asked. The other engines were happy, except Diesel, he was cross."

So fun! One of those times I wish I could pull out the camcorder without distracting him from his play so that I could record some of these "munchkinisms"

Like his latest - when driving home at night from daycare. "Mommy, it's dark, the sky is off."
The next night - it is lighter because it is a bit earlier, and clear weather. "Mommy, turn the sky off. It's not dark."


SewPaula said...

I would so dearly love to get your Munchkin and my Monkey Ballerina together for a Thomas play date. MB does exactly the same thing -- only not just with Thomas, but everything. She even has her french fries and crayons talking to each other. Dh and I really get tickled when we listen to her.

Pollyanna said...

I love the play narration. They continue doing it for years it seems.

jillquilts said...

Those munchkinisms are precious! I still remember the ones that my niece and nephew had!

Jen said...

I love the narration of stories. I always did that as a kid. The "sky is off" comment is cracking me up. I LOVE that!!

Hmm, that would make a COOL saying for on the back of a kid quilt.

This quilt will keep you safe when the sky is turned off.

Moneik said...

Oh how cute! I love to hear kids play like that.