Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Giveaway Alert

Higgins Design Studio is having a greeting card giveaway on her blog. I've known this artist my entire life (she's my Sister Cindy) - and have quite a collection of her handiwork - it's all very beautiful!!! (this is the same sister who made my Lucky Turtle pendant)

She's taking entries through Saturday, September 20th. Just stop on over to her blog and leave your comments to be entered.

I'm going to keep myself out of this one - to increase the odds for the rest of you.

Good luck!


Higgins Design Studio said...

Thanks for letting your following know about the give away...
It has been fun seeing what reasons people are giving for wanting to win the cards.
Love you sis!

Holly said...

Thanks for telling us about your sisters drawing. I love the card.