Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashback Friday - Regina the Destructor

Hubby and I recently purchased a new laptop, and in preparation for transferring a lot of documents from our old computer to our new, I have "unearthed" a bunch of photos that had been stored on the old computer, and kind of pushed by the wayside after the rapid influx of Munchkin photos.

Little bit of backstory on these (because you will see more) - in 2001 Hubby and I purchased our first home - a 1929 modified American Four Square. It was an estate sale, and the home had been empty for a few months, and neglected a bit before that. It was livable, but there were a few projects we planned to do...over time.

And then Hubby let me into the bathroom to take off the shower doors and put up a rod... and then next thing we knew... this full gut of the bathroom was happening.

The renovation adventures are fodder for a whole other blog, - and I won't get into them in too much detail. Suffice it to say that I wield a mean crowbar and sledgehammer - and that this bathroom is now 'mostly' back together, new and improved.

Watch for more renovation flashbacks to come! You will soon see even more of my hidden talents!!


Suzan said...

I love renovations! When I bought the new house my sister was worried because everything was new and she thought I would be bored. Nope! I have found LOTS of stuff to change. Looks like you were pulling off tile board. Nasty job!

Lil Mouse said...

i'm hoping we wont have to do this with our new house when/if we get one.. sigh.