Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dirty Tales from the Garden - Making a flower "bed"

So what do YOU do with an air mattress that has developed a leak? Especially a flocked mattress that has developed a leak in the flocked side?

I choose to use it to turn my grassy areas into flower beds.

I had hubby cut it all apart for me (cutting through the interior baffles was an interesting challenge) and then just lay it down over the grass with some rocks. This is the third location these have been used in - the first area I let it overwinter, and when I pulled it up in the spring the grass beneath was dead and decomposing, so I just tilled up the area, and then mulched and planted as I wished. In another area it did not die back as much, but was easy to de-sod and plant. This spot I will probably leave all winter and then prep in the spring for some rose bushes.

So it's not the comfiest air mattress anymore -but it's probably getting more use than the one we use for guests!


Lil Mouse said...

better than just throwing it in the dump! repurposing is awesome!

Michele said...

We did the same thing with the old rug the cats peed on. Works like a charm!